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AAMM - Association des Amis du Musée de la Marine 

L' AAMM, Association of the Friends of the National museum of the Navy, takes part in the radiation of the National museum of the Navy, publishes the Neptunia review and of the plans of ships, organizes conferences and voyages.

ANCRE -Arch廩logie Navale Fran蓷ise- 

The web site of Jean Boudriot's publishing house. Plans, monographs, historical studies and reprints of French naval archeology.

La Royale 
Paris, France, France

French forum concerning navy models. Tips & photo gallery. All ships model represented.

Modelism of Arsenal : the Art of Marine 
Montb幨iard, France

Ship models built by Mr. Olivier Bello during the last twenty years. Each model is presented with various photos to show the details and the quality of the labor.

Marine et mod幨isme d'arsenal 

Site of the 17th and 18th centuries french boats. Documents, descriptions and photos of plank on frame models.(sorry, only in french)

marine Landemontaise 
Landemont, Maine Et Loire, France

Construction of grements old man's models according to plans(shots). All the details(rooms) are realized by my care: pulleys, veils(sails), artillery etc... Come to discover the charm of these old sails Pen-Duick, Seagul, The Hyacinth etc... Welcome

Maritima & Mechanika 
Paris, France

Site devoted to scale ship models, maritime history and antique small machine tools.

ships in bottles 

this web-site explains how to put ships in bottles, with lots of texts (about techniques and tools) and photos ; and a unique collection in the world :all the winners on multihulls of the famous "route du rhum" race : each model in a light bulb

Grands Voiliers et Voiliers Traditionnels 
Maubeuge, France

Site de Jean Louis MOLLE Modeliste Francais amateur en Maquettes Statiques de voiliers et bateaux en bouteilles. Site of Jean Louis MOLLE French Model maker amateur out of Static Models of sailing ships and boats in bottles.

la galerie des vitrines miniatures et des bateaux anciens 
Saint-Nazaire, France

photo gallery for ancient vessels.building.for all modelers.


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