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Lecma - RC  
Aubagne Cedex, France

Manufacturer and on-line shop for high quality RC submarine model kits, accessories, and other RC models such as boats and helicopters. Also featured a model gallery of a number of RC submarines.

Les sous-marins radiocommand廥/ The R/C Submarines  
Marseille, France

This site is dedicated to the technology and the fabrication of two R/C submarines model:Alfa class and a scratch built exploration submarine. differents parts of the construction are explain with many photos.

Mighty submarines, sea hunters  
Paris, France

Photos, videos, stories related to rc model submarines. You can also learn how to build them and get to know more about the real submarines. Join us and stay dry under deep waters

Mon projet de sous-marin radiocommand  

My projet of RC submarine. Many photos. In French and Spanish


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