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GreMir Models  
Tampa, Fl, United States

High quality scale paper models of ships and planes offered as a download or on CD. As a sample of what to expect from our models, we offer free download of 1:33 scale GeeBee R1 designed by Rafal Ciesielski.

Fiddlers Green, a magical place of paper models  
Candler, Az, United States

A content loaded site where you can download over 100 FANTASTIC airplane models, a small city of buildings in N and HO scale, and lots of other neat stuff. Some are free! You can even Email a friend a free model postcard! Certainly worth a visit.

Paper Aircraft Models  
South Hadley, Ma, United States

Every model is a high quality, 1/32 scale, exact replica of a real aircraft. There are models designed for modelers of every ability level. There is one free download of the Northrop F5A "freedom fighter" for free.

Huntly's Paper Warplanes  
Ca, United States

We make extremely detailed replica paper airplane kits from the glory days of the biplane and early mono-wing including the P-51 Mustang, SBD Dauntless, and Sopwith Camel.

Learn About Paper Airplanes, Whitewings Gliders, Rubber Band Powered Airplanes  
Dewitt, Mi, United States

A growing website about paper model airplanes, Whitewings gliders, rubber band powered airplanes and diecast model airplanes. This site will be adding content about interesting aircraft over time.

space paper models group  
Texas, United States

An Yahoo group for modellers interested in paper models of space craft, rockets, missiles, x-planes, telescopes, science fiction. We share photos, links, buildings tips, preview of new designs and a few original models to download.  
Coconut Creek, Fl, United States

Why plastic if you can build it from paper! We sell large scale, display paper model kits of airplanes 1/33, ships 1/200, vehicles and accessories. You can build from our paper model kits detailed replicas of military airplanes, ships and tanks.

How To Make a paper airplanes ?... Here It is ..!  
New York, Washington, United States

This is an amazing method how to make flying military paper airplanes… It can good flying and it has good shape like real military airplane….There are 8 modern military aircraft models : F-18, F-16, Eurofighter Typhoon, Mig 29 Fulcrum, and etc.

Free model available at  
Phoenix, Arizona, United States offers downloadable, flyable, semi-scale paper airplane models. Free model available.

It's Fun to Fold! Origami Scale Model  
Philadelphia, Pa, United States

3D Origami Scale Model is a new and unique papercraft. Single sheet of rectangle or square shaped paper turns into a 3-dimentional scale Model without bonding. We have airplanes, buses, trains, and more.


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