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The rec.models.railroad FAQ   Click to see the meaning of this symbol!

Essential reading for beginners, this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) covers general information, sources, operations, layout building (2 parts), and construction techniques.

Scratch Building Made Easier  
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

Scaled plans in N Scale, HO Scale, OO Scale, O Scale and others. Cardstock models, and tutorials for constructing your own model railroad buildings.

PlansTrainsModeles ( Train drawings & tricks )  
None, None, Switzerland

This site contains drawings for train building and tips and tricks

Building Your Model Railroad  
Virginia Beach, Va, United States

A comprehensive guide with all the information, tools and techniques you need to build a complete and realistic model railroad empire. Includes layout design, wiring, scenery-building and special effects like sound, lighting and automation.

The Brass Backshop Forum  
Detroit, Mi, United States

A web forum For anyone interested in the Building, Repair, Detailing, or ReBuilding of Brass Model Locomotives in any scale. Modelling and prototype resources and a community.

Structure plans for model railroads  
Vancouver, Bc, Canada

Tutorials on building model railroad structures.

N Scale Modeling  

Follow along with the building of an N scale (1:160) model railroad. Focused on recreating a post-war 1940s urban environment, exploring modeling tips, new techniques, new products and more.

Frank's Train Depot  
Antwerpen, Belgium

building a logdump railroad track from the uears 50-60


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